“It was a few minutes before the eleventh hour of the
eleventh day of the eleventh month. I stood at the window
of my room looking up Northumberland Avenue towards
Trafalgar Square, waiting for Big Ben to tell that the War
was over…
“And then suddenly the first stroke of the chime. I looked
again at the broad street beneath me. It was deserted.
From the portals of one of the large hotels absorbed by
Government Departments darted the slight figure of a girl
clerk, distractedly gesticulating while another stroke of
Big Ben resounded. Then from all sides men and women
came scurrying into the street. Streams of people poured
out of all the buildings. The bells of London began to

Winston S. Churchill, 11 November 1918 in Winston S.
Churchill, volume IV World in Torment 1916-1922, by Sir
Martin Gilbert.