Don Camillo went and knelt before the altar. “Lord you must forgive me, but I am going to beat him up for you.”
“You are going to do nothing of the kind,” replied the Lord. “I have forgiven him and you must forgive him also. All things considered he is not a bad soul”.
… “Let me at least break this candle on his shoulders. Dear Lord, what, after all is a candle?”
“No,” replied the Lord. “Your hands were made for blessing, not for striking.”
Don Camillo sighed heavily…he found himself exactly behind Peppone who, on his knees, was apparently absorbed in prayer.
“Lord,” groaned Camillo, clasping his hands and gazing at the crucifix, “my hands were made for blessing but not my feet.”
“There is something in that,” replied the Lord from above the altar, “but all the same, Don Camillo, bear it in mind: only one!”

The little world of Don Camillo – Giovanni Guareschi