“(We should not) be ungrateful to those who love their tradition and try to prevent its dissolution. But too possessive a care for its preservation can, as we know, lead its self-appointed guardians to cut off those very energies by which it can be revitalized.”

The Language of Mystery by Edward Robinson

(Referred to in ‘Life was Never the Same’ by Ruth Robinson in “Thirty Years of Honesty” SCM Press 1993)

Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!

not yesterday or tomorrow,
but now,
our everyday.

“Trust a crowd to look at the wrong end of a miracle every time.”

Kurt Vonnegut, Palm Sunday

Through all its many windows you may scan
Something of God – but vastly more of man.

Gilbert Thomas – Collected Poems.

You sheltered me from harm,
Kept me warm, kept me warm,
You gave my life to me,
Set me free, set me free.

“Everything I own”, words and music by David Gates,(Bread)

I recently opened a book entitled “Cowper’s Poetical Works” and in the front was the inscription,

Harriet Mary Hooper
from her affectionate Cousin
Elizabeth Wood, Nov 15th 1860.

To think this book was in the hands of that young lady over 150 years ago and now we share the delight of reading from it.